Clear Latest Clips on Shutdown

I think it would be a good idea to have an option in the configuration menu to

"Clear Latest Clips on Computer Shutdown"

Often I am copy/pasting data which I do not want left in open view such as passwords. So, before closing my computer I need to go to ClipClip Manager and "Clear Latest Clips" as I don't want anyone else who has access to this computer to find my sensitive data in open view.

If its possible, you may want to allow a couple of options, such as:

"Clear Latest Clips" - 'On Shutdown' or 'On Sign Off'


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Hi Paul

This bug has been fixed. You will get all fixes with new updates.

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Vitzo team.



One other thing I noticed with this feature is that you do need to actively "Exit" the programme to have the clips forgotten. When I shut down the computer, the clips are still retained unless I first go into Clip Clip and click on the Exit button before shutting down.

I think that the feature where the clips are not saved, would be better if it didn't rely on actively having to exit the app. In other words, I would like to forget the latest clips upon shutdown, restart etc as well. It is easy to forget to do this, and thus your clips are retained.

I seemed to have found how to do this. Clip Clip automatically saves the latest clips, but this can be turned off in the configuration.

Configuration Menu > General Tab > Behaviour - 2 settings down = Auto Save Latest Clips on Exit

Un-tick that and the latest clips will be deleted / not saved on sign out / shut down.

Hi Paul

You are right. Exactly this checkbox is directed to avoid saving existing latest clips while ClipClip is closing.

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Vitzo team.

In addition to the written above:
You wrote: "...I don't want anyone else who has access to this computer to find my sensitive data in open view.".

Do not worry about it. Any user, who has access to your computer, is not able to see the correct content of your latest clips, even if he found them in your private folder using Windows Explorer.
The latest clips are stored on your hard disk as encrypted files. Therefore, nobody can see their correct content. These files will be decrypted in the ClipClip application when Windows works under your account.
As the result, you also cannot see the content of the latest clips of other users on your machine.

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Vitzo team.