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    Secure vault for Passwords

    GrahamT · 3 · Last reply by GrahamT

    I would like to use the Password store capability but with a secure vault such as TrueCrypt.  I can       visualise how this could be done, using a TrueCrypt vault mounted under a separate Windows drive    letter and linking this to a ClipClip folder.  However, it would be necessary to run TrueCrypt first,          before launching ClipClip.  It would be better if there was a way of doing this by, say, running a script when  ClipClip starts and before it acquires its clip repositories.  Have you thought of developing this?

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    ClipMate user trying ClipClip

    brunc · 2 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    Please check out ClipMate , it may give you many good ideas for improving ClipClip. For example,

    when you are in a ClipMate folder, any clip you take is put in that very folder. No need to manually

    drag it from "Latest Clips" like with ClipClip . This makes it much easier to organize clips on the go.

    Also you with ClipMate you can see a preview of the

    clip in a window underneath.

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    Clear Latest Clips on Shutdown

    Paul · 3 · Last reply by Paul

    I think it would be a good idea to have an option in the configuration menu to

    "Clear Latest Clips on Computer Shutdown"

    Often I am copy/pasting data which I do not want left in open view such as passwords. So, before closing my computer I need to go to ClipClip Manager and "Clear Latest Clips" as I don't want anyone else who has access to this computer to find my sensitive data in open view.

    If its possible, you may want to allow a couple of options, such as:

    "Clear Latest Clips" - 'On Shutdown' or 'On Sign Off'

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    Website design company in Patiala

    Amrinder Singh · 0 · Posted

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    Under Review


    Chris Martin · 1 · Last reply by Chris Martin

    Can I copy a certain portion of the screen and save it as an image or have the portion of the screen in the clipboard to paste into a document or email?