'Hotkey for screenshot' popup; no way to disable

Hello. I keep getting a 'Hotkey for screenshot' balloon popup from the tray icon. I have looked at all the app settings and found no way to disable this obtrusive message. I have disabled screenshots as well. How can this message be permanently turned off?

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You can install a new version (ClipClip Pro 2.1.1754) that is available on the website. This version contains an option "Disable daily tips notifications" in the Configuration window.

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VItzo Team.

You are right. There is no need to display this notification when the "Enable screenshots" feature is turned off.
We will change the display of notifications depending on enabled features. Your suggestion will be realized in the following updates.
Thank you for your cooperation.

VItzo team.

Hello. It's been 2 weeks. Just wondering if you could give an update on how soon we can expect an update that corrects this issue.

Hi GodzFire,

This feature should be available after we release the next update for ClipClip which should happen until the end of the week. Once you receive a notification on ClipClip saying that the update is available, please make sure you do update and there should be a "Disable Notifications" checkbox in the Settings, which you may tick so Notifications are completely disabled.

Sorry for the delay, but we were also working on other features and waiting until they were ready so we can do one large update instead of multiple minor ones.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any other questions.

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Diogo Alves @ ClipClip

Hello GodzFire

There is no way to disable these notifications. Clipclip displays notifications to demonstrate its features for the users. If you always see exactly this notification, it means that you do not use this feature. Just click "Win+Shift+PrintScreen" hotkeys to use this feature and ClipClip will display other notification. There are just a few notifications to help the users use the ClipClip much powerful. After using each feature, you will see their notifications less often.

VItzo team.

This is very frustrating as I use a different program to handle screenshots. I have specifically turned OFF the screenshot option in ClipClip, but it still bugs me. I have pressed that key combination a few times to get it to go away, but it still comes back. I don't need notifications to 'help me use ClipClip more powerful', as it does exactly what I'm looking for, but if I can't get some way to turn off these obtrusive notifications, I'll have to find a different product that doesn't hijack my notifications. Please consider this. Thanks.

You're wrong. This topic is 9 months old but still a problem. I have already taken screenshots, with win-shift-printscreen and just printscreen but it keeps showing that notif. It's annoying as hell. Why can't I turn it off??