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I love your product it is awesome and I use it constantly every day.  I have one question. How can I keep the formatting when pasting from the original?  Each time I paste all the paragraph spacing goes away and all the sentences get pushed together.  Is there a function I can use to prevent this? 

thank you

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Hi David

Thank you for your positive feedback about our app.

ClipClip copies and stores the most common text formats: ANSI, UNICODE, CSV, RTF, HTML.
When you copy some text, a new latest clip is created. It has a type of copied text (you can see clip types in the grid - "Type" column - right-clicking on the grid header to add some additional columns).
The clips with "TEXT" type support simple formatting: newline, whitespace, tab, etc.
The clips with "HTML" or "RTF " types support full formatting - with colors and any specific symbols/tags.
To use the formatted text data, right click on the clip and select "Copy clip with formatting" menu item in its context menu. This action means that the formatted data was inserted in the clipboard for further use. There are several ways to paste the formatted text: double-clicking in the grid, using the context menu or Paste Menu.

Let's make some steps to test your issue when we use formatted text:
- Close ClipClip app;
- Open WordPad app on your computer;
- Select and copy the following text data between asterisks (the empty line should be after 1 and 2 text line):

The first text line;

The second text line;

The third text line;

- Paste copied data into WordPad app;
- Make some changes for these text data in the WordPad - for example, the first line is red, the second is yellow and the third is green;
- Launch ClipClip app;
- Go to WordPad app;
- Press "CTRL+A" hotkeys to select all text data in the WordPad;
- Press "CTRL+C" hotkeys to copy the selected text in the WordPad;

As a result, a new latest clip (with "RTF" type) has been created in the ClipClip app.
Click the "eye" icon to the left of the clip in the grid to open the Clip Viewer.
In the Clip Viewer, you have to see the copy of the formatted text that was created in the WordPad.

The next steps:
- Close WordPad app without saving text data;
- Close ClipClip app;
- Copy any other text data or press "Print Screen" key on the keyboard to change the current data in the clipboard;
- Open empty WordPad app;
- Open ClipClip app;
- Find the latest clip with "our" formatted text data;
- Right click on this clip and select "Copy clip with formatting" menu item in its context menu to paste these formatted data into the clipboard;
- Switch to the WordPad app;
- Press "CTRL+V" to paste text data;

As a result, the formatted text is inserted. This text must be a copy of the previous created text from our first steps.
Did you get such results after your tests?

Best regards,
Vitzo Team.