Frequently Asked Questions

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    paragraph spacing

    David Zylberberg · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    I love your product it is awesome and I use it constantly every day.  I have one question. How can I keep the formatting when pasting from the original?  Each time I paste all the paragraph spacing goes away and all the sentences get pushed together.  Is there a function I can use to prevent this? 

    thank you

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    before instalation clipclip, you can recovery clips?

    ricardo · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    quiero ver frases escritas copiadas en el portapapeles, antes de instalar clipclip

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    Credit Card data avoidance/encryption/restriction

    Mikaal · 2 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    Hi there,  I wanted to ask, is it possible to restrict copying credit card information or sensitive data in ClipClip. Is there anything builtin for such a requirement or any possible way we could extend it e.g. by defining regular expressions for data to not be copied etc. Looking forward to your response. Regards, Mikaal

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    Kevin · 0 · Posted

    Your FAQ page says "See our manual for more use-cases and  advanced scenarios."

    I cannot find the manual in the app or the Web page. Where is it?

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    D. Attridge · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    is there an option to save the source of the clipped text with it? I am not finding it. 

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    Anthony Taylor7 · 0 · Posted

    Hi, Is there a portable version of clipclip?



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    Your Facebook Page

    GrahamT · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Is anyone monitoring/managing your Facebook Page?  I have Posted there but have had no response.  Indeed, I have had a look at other posts as well, and none seem to have received a response from you!  

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    Barbara Chase · 0 · Posted

    Your FAQ page suggested referring to your manual. Where can I find this?

    Also, I opened ClipClip, but didn't know how to paste from it.

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    Barbara Chase · 0 · Posted

    Your FAQ page suggested referring to your manual. Where can I find this?

    Also, I opened ClipClip, but didn't know how to paste from it.

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    Filip Panđić · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav


    is it possible to use two key shortcut? I used CTRL + ¸ (button below Esc) with Ditto to open latest saved clips, but I need to use three keys now with clipclip. I know it isn't much of a change, but would like to keep the same shortcut.

    Also, what about sync between computers? Is that possible?

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    love Clipclip so far

    Jay · 1 · Last reply by Ken

    Hi Guys,

    Just downloaded ClipClip and love it.  I'll be happy to donate for all the great work you've put into it.  I see that I can search from within the paste menu, but it looks like I can only search things in the Latest Clips folder?  Can I not search within saved clips?  


    Jay Winger

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    Setting Hotkeys for 1st, 2nd, etc paste options

    GodzFire · 3 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    Multiple times daily my workflow involves copying two items and then pasting them into another section. As it stands, there is no way (that I can find) to set separate paste hotkeys. How can this be accomplished, or if not, could that option to make separate hotkeys be added in the hotkeys tab?

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    Very poor documention, No default settings

    Foxhills · 0 · Posted

    Documentation consists of praise for your product and its features, Very little on how to use the product. I think most people (including myself)  would use clipboard manager primarily for saving text yet I don't see any default setting to make this happen. The few directions I found mention pressing the CTRL or Shift key for different actions; I didn't see how that works. There should be an easier way to add a title at the beginning of process.I don't understand the workflow. Why can i save the file as a Word doc but not plain text? Why does it

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    How to paste all ?

    Detoxion · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    Hello, I wanted to ask how to paste all clips from clipboard at once ? I can find that it can paste only one by one, but I need everything at once. Thank you.

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    screenshot does nto work

    Nicholas · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav


    beautiful product !

    I will definitely make a donation after I Test it a little more :-)

    So far everything works well except I cannot seem to use the screenshot feature.

    When I look through the options for the screenshot. It is set by default to control plus shift and then the print screen box is grayed out

    Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong 



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    limited options

    Peter N. · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav


    When I tap shift,control,v, a box appears about "1-1/2"  "x 2".

    I have experimented with it but nothing happens. Is there a way to integrate this with Windows 10 April,1803?

    Ho can I get a file to export to the ClipClip app?

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    Non appearance of clips after copying

    David Curtis · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    I may be doing something wrong here, but I have just downloaded ClipClip and I was quite impressed with the layout etc. My first 2 clips copied into ClipClip fine ... and after that ... nothing. Nothing else seemed to transfer at all. I may be misunderstanding something, but if so, what?

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    Clipclip a bit slow

    Sgz Clipclip · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    CLipclip has always been a bit slow. I have an i5 with 16GB of RAM, and it takes around a second to paste an item into an Excel spreadsheet. This is bearable, but as I get faster at using Clipclip, the lag becomes very noticeable.

    Is there anything I or you can do to speed it up?

    Kindest regards


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    Pasting a clip changes that clip's list position to the top

    George · 1 · Last reply by George

    When I paste a clip from the list, it is then moved from it's original position in th elist to the top. Can I prevent this and have the list preserve each clip's original position?

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    Hot key for full app window

    Dale Bronk · 4 · Last reply by Dale Bronk

    I'm setup with the ctrl+alt+v hot key to popup a small window of last copies.  Is there a hot key to open the full ClipClip application window?