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    love Clipclip so far

    Jay · 1 · Last reply by Ken

    Hi Guys,

    Just downloaded ClipClip and love it.  I'll be happy to donate for all the great work you've put into it.  I see that I can search from within the paste menu, but it looks like I can only search things in the Latest Clips folder?  Can I not search within saved clips?  


    Jay Winger

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    Maximum Number of Entries that ClipClip can store

    N Clyde G · 4 · Last reply by Yaroslav


    Just wanted to know whether there is a limit to the number of entries that ClipClip can store i.e. 1,000 or 10,000 items or whether it can store an unlimited number of clips.


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    Credit Card data avoidance/encryption/restriction

    Mikaal · 2 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    Hi there,  I wanted to ask, is it possible to restrict copying credit card information or sensitive data in ClipClip. Is there anything builtin for such a requirement or any possible way we could extend it e.g. by defining regular expressions for data to not be copied etc. Looking forward to your response. Regards, Mikaal

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    Hot key for full app window

    Dale Bronk · 4 · Last reply by Dale Bronk

    I'm setup with the ctrl+alt+v hot key to popup a small window of last copies.  Is there a hot key to open the full ClipClip application window?

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    How to paste all ?

    Detoxion · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    Hello, I wanted to ask how to paste all clips from clipboard at once ? I can find that it can paste only one by one, but I need everything at once. Thank you.

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    Anthony Taylor7 · 0 · Posted


    Your change log states it has been a year since the last update. What is your update cycle? What new features are been worked on?



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    Very poor documention, No default settings

    Foxhills · 0 · Posted

    Documentation consists of praise for your product and its features, Very little on how to use the product. I think most people (including myself)  would use clipboard manager primarily for saving text yet I don't see any default setting to make this happen. The few directions I found mention pressing the CTRL or Shift key for different actions; I didn't see how that works. There should be an easier way to add a title at the beginning of process.I don't understand the workflow. Why can i save the file as a Word doc but not plain text? Why does it

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    before instalation clipclip, you can recovery clips?

    ricardo · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    quiero ver frases escritas copiadas en el portapapeles, antes de instalar clipclip

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    What is the Problem

    A D Watson · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    Getting error message :- Could Not Load Clips - \\?\C:\Users\aland\AppData\Local\Vitzo\ClipClip\Latest Clips\ewAzAGMANQBmADYANgA3ADUALQAxAGUAZgBhAC0ANAA3ADcANQAtADkAMgAwADcALQBmADMAMABiAGIAOQBiAGYAZAA0AGIANQB9AA==.html

    I have unistalled the Software and re-installed - even deleted all the Clips before I close down - then  deleted Software and reinstalled - still getting the error message.

    This is a great piece of software, very productive for me and this is just a minor inconvenience but would like to resolved.


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    no keyboard

    russ mend · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    what if no keyboard only mouse. how to c&p then?

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    D. Attridge · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    is there an option to save the source of the clipped text with it? I am not finding it. 

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    Anthony Taylor7 · 0 · Posted

    Hi, Is there a portable version of clipclip?



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    Your Facebook Page

    GrahamT · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Is anyone monitoring/managing your Facebook Page?  I have Posted there but have had no response.  Indeed, I have had a look at other posts as well, and none seem to have received a response from you!  

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    Clipclip a bit slow

    Sgz Clipclip · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    CLipclip has always been a bit slow. I have an i5 with 16GB of RAM, and it takes around a second to paste an item into an Excel spreadsheet. This is bearable, but as I get faster at using Clipclip, the lag becomes very noticeable.

    Is there anything I or you can do to speed it up?

    Kindest regards


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    Filip Panđić · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav


    is it possible to use two key shortcut? I used CTRL + ¸ (button below Esc) with Ditto to open latest saved clips, but I need to use three keys now with clipclip. I know it isn't much of a change, but would like to keep the same shortcut.

    Also, what about sync between computers? Is that possible?

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    limited options

    Peter N. · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav


    When I tap shift,control,v, a box appears about "1-1/2"  "x 2".

    I have experimented with it but nothing happens. Is there a way to integrate this with Windows 10 April,1803?

    Ho can I get a file to export to the ClipClip app?

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    Pasting a clip changes that clip's list position to the top

    George · 1 · Last reply by George

    When I paste a clip from the list, it is then moved from it's original position in th elist to the top. Can I prevent this and have the list preserve each clip's original position?

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    paragraph spacing

    David Zylberberg · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    I love your product it is awesome and I use it constantly every day.  I have one question. How can I keep the formatting when pasting from the original?  Each time I paste all the paragraph spacing goes away and all the sentences get pushed together.  Is there a function I can use to prevent this? 

    thank you

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    Non appearance of clips after copying

    David Curtis · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    I may be doing something wrong here, but I have just downloaded ClipClip and I was quite impressed with the layout etc. My first 2 clips copied into ClipClip fine ... and after that ... nothing. Nothing else seemed to transfer at all. I may be misunderstanding something, but if so, what?

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    Setting Hotkeys for 1st, 2nd, etc paste options

    GodzFire · 3 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    Multiple times daily my workflow involves copying two items and then pasting them into another section. As it stands, there is no way (that I can find) to set separate paste hotkeys. How can this be accomplished, or if not, could that option to make separate hotkeys be added in the hotkeys tab?