I have multiple Windows computers and have been searching for months for a clipboard manager that shares clips via the cloud. Just yesterday I stumbled across your app. This morning I installed it on a second PC and my needs have been answered! Writers in the tech community are doing a poor job of showcasing the features of your excellent application. I had previously tried many of their recommendations with great disappointment. 

By the way; I was about to give up my search when I learned that Microsoft is finally implementing a cloud clipboard this fall. However; my hopes for that solution were dashed when I learned of the minuscule clip sizes they are going to allow.

Are you still in the process of development? It's doubtful my only other need could be addressed since ClipClip isn't a universal app, but a share to email option would be nice when right clicking a clip.


Jim Carter

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Good to know that you're not folding just because Microsoft is in the game. By the way; just noticed a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark that's superimposed over my ClipClip tray icon. The app appears to be fully functional. My other PC isn't showing such an indicator. Thoughts? Thanks!

Jim Carter

Hi Jim

We are indeed still focused on beating Microsoft to the punch with a cross-platform cloud clipboard, which is why we haven't had much time or budget available for marketing. If you have any recommendations in that sense, we're all ears!

We're planning to add a Copy Menu in addition to the current Paste Menu, so that you get some often used actions available to you when you copy something. Send to email could be one.

Either way, thank you for your kind words! It's comments like these that keep us going.