Password Manager support?

Password managers (e.g. keepass) have a feature that deletes the content of the clipboard after a set amount of time (e.g. 30 seconds) when copying a password from the password manager. That's for obvious security reasons. This affects the windows clipboard, but not clipclip obviously.

I know I can save my passwords in clipclip and encrypt the folder, but I prefer managing my password with a password manager, for many reasons which I hope are obvious. Could it be possible to make clipclip delete the last clip when a password manager sends the "clear clipboard" event?

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I see. I understand all your points, I'll go with the workaround you suggested.


Hi Luca,

You're welcome. Please do feel free to suggest any other ideas or improvements though, we're always open to feedback from our users.

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Diogo Alves @ ClipClip

Hi Luca Zenari

Unfortunately, this feature cannot be implemented in ClipClip. There are a few reasons for that:

  1.  Any automatically removing latest clips from ClipClip contradicts the main idea of our application - "Never lose another clip".
  2. Within 30 seconds, when you copied the password from the Password Manager, you can copy any other data to the clipboard from other programs. In this case, this password (like the last clip) will not be placed at the top of the collection.
  3. To support this feature, ClipClip must monitor other apps (such as keepass) to detect the passwords in the clipboard. Although this is possible to do this, it is unethical amongst software companies and it may also be illegal.

The best solution for your issue is using "Ctrl+Shift+E" hotkeys to disable ClipClip Manager while you are working with "Password Manager" program. In this case, ClipClip is running but ignores any changes in the clipboard. 

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Vitzo Team