ClipMate user trying ClipClip

Please check out ClipMate , it may give you many good ideas for improving ClipClip. For example,

when you are in a ClipMate folder, any clip you take is put in that very folder. No need to manually

drag it from "Latest Clips" like with ClipClip . This makes it much easier to organize clips on the go.

Also you with ClipMate you can see a preview of the

clip in a window underneath.

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Hi brunc

We have already seen the ClipMate application. Perhaps we will implement some similar features in ClipClip.
Thank you for your cooperation.

In addition, we would like to describe in more detail the Latest Clips.
The latest clips are added only to the Latest Clips collection. There is a reason for that.
When you close the ClipClip application, these clips are stored on the hard disk in a specific folder as encrypted files. This means that any other user using this computer can not see the content of your latest clips.
When you move the latest clips to any saved folder, these clips are stored/created in this folder as the standard physical files (not encrypted).
So other users can see the content of these files without any problems.
This was implemented to allow you open saved clips/files in the third applications for editing/viewing. For example, you can edit these clips/files using other applications (for example, images can be edited in Adobe Photoshop app). These changes will be added to ClipClip Manager automatically.
In addition, you can easily move these clips to other computers using flash memory. Also, you can also easily send them by e-mail.
P.S. There is an option to protect saved clips.

Best regards,
Vitzo team.

Hi brunc

We will install this application to view its functions.
Thank you for your suggestion.

Best regards,
Vitzo team.