Credit Card data avoidance/encryption/restriction

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I wanted to ask, is it possible to restrict copying credit card information or sensitive data in ClipClip. Is there anything builtin for such a requirement or any possible way we could extend it e.g. by defining regular expressions for data to not be copied etc. Looking forward to your response.


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Hi Mikaal

When ClipClip creates a new latest clip, it does many operations before this (check for duplicates, hash-codes, encrypting data, etc.) When there are already many latest clips in the grid (700, 800 or 1000), these operations take some time. While these operations are executed, a newly copied data is ignored. Although all these actions are considered in milliseconds, sometimes, between them, the clipboard can be busy with another app. In this case, ClipClip should retry its requests to the clipboards. This also takes some time.
Several months ago, we have already been discussing with some users the issue, when sometimes, ClipClip did not create a new clip while users copied data from Excel very quickly.
If we add any additional checks before creating the latest clips, then this problem will be more serious.
Therefore, we're not planning to implement your idea.

To solve your issues, before copying private data, you can use "Toggle clipboard monitor" commands in the main menu or the context menu of the tray icon - these commands enable/disable ClipClip. In addition, you can use hotkeys "CTRL+SHIFT+E" instead these commands to do this faster.

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Vitzo Team.

Hi Mikaal

Your suggestion is very interesting. We will definitely review it with our developers and inform you about the results.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards,
Vitzo Team.