• Amazing!

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    I have multiple Windows computers and have been searching for months for a clipboard manager that shares clips via the cloud. Just yesterday I stumbled across your app. This morning I installed it on a second PC and my needs have been answered! Writers in the tech community are doing a poor job of showcasing the features of your excellent application. I had previously tried many of their recommendations with great disappointment. 

    By the way; I was about to give up my search when I learned that Microsoft is finally implementing a cloud clipboard this fall. However; my hopes for

  • Great - love it

    paul kuhnast · 2 · Last reply by Diogo Alves


    clipclip is amazing.. love it. My only gripe is that when you first install it you're given the option to donate. I didn't want to because I hadn't tried it yet. However, now that I have tried it I want to donate but can't find an option within the program or on the website anywhere. I feel that you're probably missing out on donations because it's not encouraged much more than just before you install the software.

    Please consider :)

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