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  • Amazing!

    Jim Carter · 2 · Last reply by Jim Carter

    I have multiple Windows computers and have been searching for months for a clipboard manager that shares clips via the cloud. Just yesterday I stumbled across your app. This morning I installed it on a second PC and my needs have been answered! Writers in the tech community are doing a poor job of showcasing the features of your excellent application. I had previously tried many of their recommendations with great disappointment. 

    By the way; I was about to give up my search when I learned that Microsoft is finally implementing a cloud clipboard this fall. However; my hopes for

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    limited options

    Peter N. · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav


    When I tap shift,control,v, a box appears about "1-1/2"  "x 2".

    I have experimented with it but nothing happens. Is there a way to integrate this with Windows 10 April,1803?

    Ho can I get a file to export to the ClipClip app?

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    Pasting a clip changes that clip's list position to the top

    George · 1 · Last reply by George

    When I paste a clip from the list, it is then moved from it's original position in th elist to the top. Can I prevent this and have the list preserve each clip's original position?

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    paragraph spacing

    David Zylberberg · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    I love your product it is awesome and I use it constantly every day.  I have one question. How can I keep the formatting when pasting from the original?  Each time I paste all the paragraph spacing goes away and all the sentences get pushed together.  Is there a function I can use to prevent this? 

    thank you

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    Non appearance of clips after copying

    David Curtis · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    I may be doing something wrong here, but I have just downloaded ClipClip and I was quite impressed with the layout etc. My first 2 clips copied into ClipClip fine ... and after that ... nothing. Nothing else seemed to transfer at all. I may be misunderstanding something, but if so, what?

  • Great - love it

    paul kuhnast · 2 · Last reply by Diogo Alves


    clipclip is amazing.. love it. My only gripe is that when you first install it you're given the option to donate. I didn't want to because I hadn't tried it yet. However, now that I have tried it I want to donate but can't find an option within the program or on the website anywhere. I feel that you're probably missing out on donations because it's not encouraged much more than just before you install the software.

    Please consider :)

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    Setting Hotkeys for 1st, 2nd, etc paste options

    GodzFire · 3 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    Multiple times daily my workflow involves copying two items and then pasting them into another section. As it stands, there is no way (that I can find) to set separate paste hotkeys. How can this be accomplished, or if not, could that option to make separate hotkeys be added in the hotkeys tab?

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    At startup always get error message

    Chinatablet · 1 · Last reply by Chinatablet

    Could not load clips. They might be empty or in use by another program.

    My guess is that it's trying to load the 5 clips I have saved in a OneDrive folder, and that OneDrive hasn't yet completed startup. I'm currently in Northern India (for next 7 weeks or so) and internet here is very laggy. Some locations have ping times of .2 to .4 seconds.

    Doesn't seem to be a way to upload images, only fetch from URLs, and it won't fetch from a Dropbox URL either, apparently. So, here's my Dropbox url to the image:

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    screenshot does nto work

    Nicholas · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav


    beautiful product !

    I will definitely make a donation after I Test it a little more :-)

    So far everything works well except I cannot seem to use the screenshot feature.

    When I look through the options for the screenshot. It is set by default to control plus shift and then the print screen box is grayed out

    Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong 



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    Barbara Chase · 0 · Posted

    Your FAQ page suggested referring to your manual. Where can I find this?

    Also, I opened ClipClip, but didn't know how to paste from it.

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    Barbara Chase · 0 · Posted

    Your FAQ page suggested referring to your manual. Where can I find this?

    Also, I opened ClipClip, but didn't know how to paste from it.

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    Secure vault for Passwords

    GrahamT · 3 · Last reply by GrahamT

    I would like to use the Password store capability but with a secure vault such as TrueCrypt.  I can       visualise how this could be done, using a TrueCrypt vault mounted under a separate Windows drive    letter and linking this to a ClipClip folder.  However, it would be necessary to run TrueCrypt first,          before launching ClipClip.  It would be better if there was a way of doing this by, say, running a script when  ClipClip starts and before it acquires its clip repositories.  Have you thought of developing this?

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    New User: Can't copy clips into the folders

    David Zylberberg · 2 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    I'm trying to move clips from the latest clips to the Saved clips folder but nothing is moving.  I just get a scrolling circle and nothing moves.  I tried restarting my system but that didn't work.  I'm using               Windows 10 64bit 

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    Paste menu does not work properly when using multiple screens

    Luca Zenari · 2 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    My PC runs Windows 10, and is set up to use 3 screens; main screen is 4k, secondary screens are 1080p (I don't know if it's relevant, I'm just giving as much information as I can)

    Whenever I try to paste from the paste menu into a window in my main screen, everything is fine.

    When I try to do the same on my 2nd or 3rd screen, the paste menu pops up and I can correctly select a clip from the list to paste; but if I try to use any of the other functions (e.g. click on the

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    ClipMate user trying ClipClip

    brunc · 2 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    Please check out ClipMate , it may give you many good ideas for improving ClipClip. For example,

    when you are in a ClipMate folder, any clip you take is put in that very folder. No need to manually

    drag it from "Latest Clips" like with ClipClip . This makes it much easier to organize clips on the go.

    Also you with ClipMate you can see a preview of the

    clip in a window underneath.

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    'Hotkey for screenshot' popup; no way to disable

    GodzFire · 2 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Hello. I keep getting a 'Hotkey for screenshot' balloon popup from the tray icon. I have looked at all the app settings and found no way to disable this obtrusive message. I have disabled screenshots as well. How can this message be permanently turned off?

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    Clear Latest Clips on Shutdown

    Paul · 3 · Last reply by Paul

    I think it would be a good idea to have an option in the configuration menu to

    "Clear Latest Clips on Computer Shutdown"

    Often I am copy/pasting data which I do not want left in open view such as passwords. So, before closing my computer I need to go to ClipClip Manager and "Clear Latest Clips" as I don't want anyone else who has access to this computer to find my sensitive data in open view.

    If its possible, you may want to allow a couple of options, such as:

    "Clear Latest Clips" - 'On Shutdown' or 'On Sign Off'

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    "ClipClip has stopped working" on launch

    Chet Email · 1 · Last reply by Yaroslav

    Hello ClipClip,

    I love (LOVE!) your application/tool. However, after installing the recent update I now can no longer use it as a dialog appears with "ClipClip has stopped working".

    After remove and reinstalling the older version, I get the same error.

    Faulting application name: ClipClip.exe, version: 1.0.992.0, time stamp: 0x5902065a Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.1.7601.23796, time stamp: 0x59029714 Exception code: 0xe0434352 Fault offset: 0x000000000001a06d Faulting process id: 0x4414 Faulting application start time: 0x01d302310ee47804 Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\ClipClip\ClipClip.exe Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\KERNELBASE.dll Report Id: 4de6b3b7-6e24-11e7-8687-3417ebc0e819

    Application: ClipClip.exe Framework Version: v4.0.30319 Description: The process was terminated due to an

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    persistent upgrade FAILURE

    Tony Minnichsoffer · 0 · Posted

    Every time I sign on I get a message that there's another upgrade. However, when I click to upgrade nothing happens. What a mess! How much more annoying can you make your system?

    I don't want something that constantly asks me to upgrade. Fix it. I am not interested in being your beta test UNLESS YOU PAY ME!

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    clipclip latest version not working

    Jaap · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves


    Latest version of clipclip does not work due to signature problems:

    Probleemhandtekening: Gebeurtenisnaam van probleem: CLR20r3 Probleemhandtekening 01: ClipClip.exe Probleemhandtekening 02: 1.0.992.0 Probleemhandtekening 03: 5902065a Probleemhandtekening 04: mscorlib Probleemhandtekening 05: 4.6.1098.0 Probleemhandtekening 06: 58cf7259 Probleemhandtekening 07: 180a Probleemhandtekening 08: 26 Probleemhandtekening 09: System.ArgumentException Versie van besturingssysteem: 6.1.7601. Landinstelling-id: 1043 Aanvullende informatie 1: ff21 Aanvullende informatie 2: ff213b533cd4852e08a73f24c8d70fd8 Aanvullende informatie 3: fa45 Aanvullende informatie 4: fa451b31f3e654686d42e01905dd5f53

    Lees de onlineprivacyverklaring:

    Als de onlineprivacyverklaring niet beschikbaar is, lees dan onze offlineprivacyverklaring: C:\Windows\system32\nl-NL\erofflps.txt

    Any solutions?