Paste menu does not work properly when using multiple screens

My PC runs Windows 10, and is set up to use 3 screens; main screen is 4k, secondary screens are 1080p (I don't know if it's relevant, I'm just giving as much information as I can)

Whenever I try to paste from the paste menu into a window in my main screen, everything is fine.

When I try to do the same on my 2nd or 3rd screen, the paste menu pops up and I can correctly select a clip from the list to paste; but if I try to use any of the other functions (e.g. click on the Saved Clips submenu), nothing happens.
Even worse, if I try to use the Search textbox of the paste menu while on my 2nd or 3rd screen, as soon as I start typing the text to search the paste menu disappears.

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Hi Luca Zenari

To avoid some misunderstandings, let's take a look at how Global Menu works:
- When you press "CTRL+SHIFT+V" hotkeys, Global Menu is shown in front of other windows.
- The upper left corner of this menu is located near the mouse pointer.
- If you open the Global Menu above some program (for example, any web browser) and the cursor (not mouse pointer) is located in any text field, the selected clip will be inserted in this field. Please visit this link - Global Menu.gif (This is a GIF image that shows you all steps to paste a selected clip, and there you can see the difference between the cursor and the mouse pointer).

When you have already chosen any clip in the Global Menu, the content of this clip was inserted into the clipboard and also, it can be inserted into any third program automatically.
To automatically insert any clip from the Global Menu to any third application, this application must be active, and the cursor (not the mouse pointer) must be placed in any text field.
So doesn't matter where is placed (the main monitor or the second) drop-down item that will be selected, this item can be inserted only into the text box of the active window.
Please let us know whether this information was useful to you.

Regarding the incorrect coordinates of the drop-down lists in the Global MenuĀ and other issues, we have already fixed these problems. After the tests, you will receive these fixes with a new update.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,
Vitzo team.

Hi Luca Zenari

Thank you for your email.
We are trying to detect this problem in test/real modes.
We will fix this bug as soon as possible and let you know about it.

Best regards,
Vitzo team.