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Hi Anthony

Alright. This issue has already been fixed in the developer version. After some tests, you will get these corrections with new updates.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards,
Vitzo Team.


ClipClip stays open.

I clear the latest clips

I clicked refresh clips (I was new to tool, so testing things out)

Some clips came back (Normally last one) - This is regardless of type, but I would have assumed if I deleted them all it wouldn't pull anything back.

I retested and the clip is the last one added so might be pulled from windows clipboard



Hi Anthony Taylor7

Could you describe in more detail about which clips you are talking about?
In addition, it would be very useful if you provided a version of ClipClip.
Most likely, you described the behavior of the latest clips.

The latest clips (in the last release version - ClipClip 2.1.1754) works in such way:
- When you exit ClipClip, all the latest clips are stored on your hard disk (if this option is enabled);
- When you launch the ClipClip app, all these clips are loaded. In addition, a new clip will be added at the bottom of this collection that was created from the data of the clipboard ;
-When you removed all latest clips and after that, you refresh this folder, it will be contained only a newly created clip from the data of the clipboard;

At this moment, a creation of the latest clip after "Refresh" action was disabled. You will get these changes with the latest updates.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards,
Vitzo Team.